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Website Design for Local Businesses

Before I go into how we create a cool looking website (which truthfully isn’t that hard!) we need to talk about what information needs to be on your site to get those visitors to digest your message and convert into a customer.

The Message – Marketing Yourself and Your Business

The message we put on the website determines if we get the call or email. Plain and simple!

What message do you want potential clients to see?

The content we recommend – will tell them why to pick you as their provider over anyone else.

Tell them your story; tell them every benefit they could possibly need to know so they WANT to do business with you.

Woo them… This is like a first date – you don’t start a first date by trying for a kiss… (Maybe you do – but I’ve been slapped enough times that I no longer recommend that approach!!)

So you start by asking questions, telling them who you are and making your business and services desirable to them…

Here’s a truth that I want you to know and understand

Your customers DON’T care about you…they only care about themselves and their problems…

Here are a few ideas of things that will make you the go-to provider in your area. (Notice how these are all benefits of your services)

Short wait times, helpful and knowledgeable staff (with real staff photo’s on the website), a caring service with year’s of experience and a personal story, a caring staff that knows their name and doesn’t treat them like another number, telling the prospect exactly what you do – and how you will solve their problems…

It’s all about KNOWING what your customers (your best customers) want…

Customers would rather know exactly when you will come for the appointment – over how low your prices are!

But this is so often overlooked…having your staff treat every person like a friend and family member is priceless. The client will NEVER want to go anywhere else.

You see what we are creating is a first class and memorable customer experience…(This is a big secret to your success!)

With the power of the Internet we can now tell a whole story online in compelling website content and even video.

Position yourself differently… that way you don’t become a part of the price war EVER! (All you have to do is be the provider you always wanted to be)

Charge a good fee for your professional help and become the Local provider they love to visit, trust and refer to their friends.

DELIVER WHAT YOU PROMISE (This is THE big secret to your success)

We can help you. That’s exactly what we do here – crafting compelling messages to get clients to click and email or call – choosing YOU as their business of choice.

If you don’t get this part right – a large percentage of the website visitors you drive to your site will be wasted.

It’s SO EASY to do – but hardly anyone does it…

The right message is all about getting the maximum number of client contacts from the traffic we drive to your site.

Think about the last time you purchased something online – did you read the sales copy? Did it tell you a story of what you were getting and what to expect? Did that influence your decision?

Of course it did!! Since the dawn of time we humans have communicated by telling stories. That’s what they are looking for on your site. Who are you, what experience do you have, what do you stand for, what do you stand against and probably most importantly – what experience will I have at your business?

That’s what we will be doing on your website message – positioning you as their only logical choice for a service provider.

HOLD ON! You haven’t said anything about design???

Yeah – I know…


But – just in case you we wondering – we build cool looking sites too ☺

The best part though – they convert to real customers – more money, more freedom and more leverage in your business for you…

The problem is that ‘most’ businesses are doing the same as everyone else…

I see it everyday working with new clients – their website is basically a carbon copy of every other competitors site in their local niche…

This can only lead to one thing – Competing on price. BECAUSE – NO ONE STANDS OUT AS THE OBVIOUS CHOICE!

Be the person that stands out by providing more value, an easy to read and understand message, visible contact information, simple clear direction on your website and calls to action to capture prospects information so you can sell to them now and later…

You need to become the business that UNDERSTANDS the client’s needs, hopes, dreams, fears and ambitions… And make it clear on your website…

People don’t understand why what you sell is better. Or more likely, they don’t understand early enough in the decision cycle to make a difference.

There is so much more to consider than simple ‘design’ because you actually NEED a website that converts these visitors into customers – real high probability clients flooding into your clinic…

The design, layout, message and feel of the website has a huge role to play in generating conversions to customers from your websites traffic.

What good is having a website that puts off visitors?

Many websites have far too little content, poor navigation, generic stock photos and offer little insight into you, your staff or your business.

You need a website that not only attracts, but also converts and retains clients.

Your website is an indication of what the business is all about.  At the end of the day, your website must be a true reflection of your business and that means getting the best web design, layout and functionality you can.

Essential Web Design Factors for Local Service Businesses

Your website should act as a marketing tool. It also needs to address your needs, and those of your patients and prospects as well.

Investing in a professional website cannot be overemphasized.

Below are some of the essential factors that are considered while developing a great website.

  • Tell them all about you and your business
  • Structure of the website
  • Layout of the website
  • Browser compatibility and download speed
  • Page consistency
  • Content

We will first want to identify the main purpose of the website. It’s obvious that the number one reason why anyone would want to create a website is to convert the visitors accessing the site into customers.

That being said; the local service industry presents a different challenge for web designers because your service offering needs to present compelling reasons to choose you over the competition.

For your prospects it’s not as easy as simply purchasing a product that can be returned, they are looking for a provider they can TRUST…

The website needs to convince them to actually make their way to the practice.

Website Images

Images will play a crucial role in the websites. This is because prospective customers want to see certain elements to gain trust in you and your clinic.

  • They can visualize the procedure of you arriving at their house
  • They show the staff, techs and owners
  • They support your expertise and skills

Without images, a lot is left to the imagination. Pictures say a thousand words…

Deliver your message in 3 seconds or less

Tell them who you are and what you do, the purpose of your company and your products and services.

Testimonials and customer proof is very important and if at all possible use real people’s photos.

Make sure your website is mobile optimized, minimize the load times and add social sharing buttons.

People will NOT stay engaged with you, your site or your message if you lose them early in the process…

We all do the same thing when surfing the web – we get to a website and SCAN IT…we want to know that our time reading will not be wasted, that the landing page we hit is EXACTLY what we were looking for.

I have studied this through Analytics in over 246 websites and found that 9 seconds is the average engagement time to get your message across.  Visitors stay or they go!

Tell The Audience Who You Are

Introduce yourself. Personality sells. Who are your customers dealing with – what’s your story!

Your customers WANT to know all about you…

Engaging Content

The content on your website must be laser targeted to the customer or prospect you want to capture as a client.  If it’s not they leave your site.

Your best prospects will be those that want the most information – if you can provide that top level service – you will be their provider of choice.

Great content shortens the sales cycle so educate your prospects properly, explain the pricing and add testimonials as customer proof…

A great website is so much more than a ‘oooh that’s nice design!’

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