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Would You Like Targeted And Qualified B2B Leads For Your Business?

We Are The World Leaders At Helping B2B Companies Generate Appointments and Increase Sales With Our 100% Done-For-You B2B Prospecting Team

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We focus on the ONLY things that matter:

Targeted Outreach

We Can Target Key Decision Makers

Prospect Outreach

100% Done For You Lead Generation Campaigns

Sales Appointments

Testing, Tracking and Tweaking Campaigns For Conversions = Maximum Profit

Every process we have starts with the foundation, getting to know your prospect really, really well.  We will discover important details regarding your potential customers. This needs to happen FIRST, or the rest of the system will be far less effective

Based on the information you provide, along with our own research, we will build your database of prospects. This involves identifying your ideal clients and systematically organizing a list of highly targeted key decision makers to initiate conversations with over email.

From there, we’ll move to your messaging/outreach campaign. This is where the results start POURING in. Instead of sitting back and waiting, this proactive approach ensures that you’ll be generating Hot B2B Leads consistently every single month.

Research has proven that it typically takes between 5 and 12 touch points before a prospect will buy or agree to a sales call. Our follow up systems will make sure that when they are ready to move forward, that YOU are the one that they think of.

With our system, you will be receiving “Hot B2B Leads” in the form of your perfect prospect emailing you with a serious interest of learning more about what you have to offer and doing business with your company. Thus, the final step is responding to these Hot B2B Leads in your Inbox to schedule sales appointments and make sales!

Our Offer


We don’t just hand you a bunch of leads in a document file like most lead generation companies do.  Found First will provide your business with targeted and qualified B2B Leads that reach out to you with a serious interest in learning more about your offer and actually doing business with your company.


We do intensive research on each lead to find you the most qualified leads with buying signals. Further, we have access to the most up to date, private contact information of C-Level Executives and decision makers over a wide variety of Industry Verticals that is not available to the public – ensuring the highest quality of targeting.


When it comes to outreach, we personalize each one to ensure the highest possible response rates.  We will grow and nurture these leads month after month bringing you more and more high quality Hot B2B Leads.  Research shows it takes 5-12 points of contact before a prospect makes a purchase.  We keep you front of mind.

What industries do you specialize in?

We’ve worked with clients from all fields ranging from real estate brokers, B2B software companies , creative agencies, financial advisors, IT Companies, marketing agencies and more..

As long as you sell Business to Business we can get you exceptional results.

Is there any commitment required?

Nope! Unlike other companies who require you to stay on for an annual contract, if you’re unhappy with our service or results feel free to cancel anytime with no questions asked!

We only ask that you give the first 3 months a commitment because we need time to go through follow up cycles, feedback stages, and work with advanced ideal customer targeting.

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